Monday, October 20, 2014

Vlogtober #19/20: Shark Week Movie Marathon - Wrong Turn

As most women will tell you, Shark Week sucks. I'm spending mine marathoning the Wrong Turn movies and sucking down Chef Boyardee and chocolate in absolutely shameful amounts.

My review of the first Wrong Turn is that, while not terribly good and with a glaringly obvious continuity error at the beginning (FLOWER NECKLACE, I'M LOOKIN' AT YOU) it's actually not bad. It's a combo of lost in the forest and deformed-cannibal movie, which is fine by me, and at least the hero doesn't do anything stupid other than that bit at the start where he completely fails to keep an eye on the road. However, he's calm, collected, thinks things through, and doesn't go rushing into situations all willy-nilly. Plus it has Eliza Dushku being Eliza Dushku, and that's always nice.

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