Wednesday, October 12, 2011

::insert thumb-twiddling here::

Back in Cali, home again, home again. Classes starting up again as of yesterday. Cat is fine. I am depressed and unemployed.

So...there's that. Sigh. I've not even been playing WoW as I can't bring myself to go through the effort of moving to the living room (plus we're close to our bandwidth limit, so no playing until next week anyway). Sometimes I sign on to Vent just so I can pretend I'm being social, but right now even the little clickydance is just too much work. Bleh. Bleh, I say.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things That Have Been Happening, But Not Close Enough Together to Warrant My Taking the Time to Do Anything More Than To Pop Onto Facebook

Also known as the post with the longest title ever until I ran out of characters.


I am moving back to old city in one month from now, hurrah, hurrah.

My computer is so close to dead that it is now a race as to see if I can get a new one before this one is so craptastically FAIL that I cannot even retrieve my files and programs off of it.

My cat is shedding again. A LOT.

Am itching to seal, primer and paint room in old-soon-to-be-back-again house so that I do not die of Black Mold and/or Mildew of Death.

Have finally gotten the color in on back tattoo.

And....that's it. Man, but I lead an exciting life. Amazing that I have not simply dissolved into a gooey pile of boring boringness.