Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Duuude. Not cool.

I am truly my Mom's daughter. She has always said she has bad dreams about her teeth falling out, and I just woke up from one of my own. It was a semi-routine flossing (I say semi, as my cousin Braden was there and it was in the trailer I grew up in, but at the same time was not the trailer OR anywhere I've lived) and I lost a front molar leaving a big old meth-y gap and my front canine (which in my dream was situated a bit behind my front teeth, so it wasn't noticeable) and then a tooth on the other side. And for some reason the molar looked like it was made of glass - there was a part where I was playing at looking at my fingers through it - and then I put the three teeth on a shelf and went to go email Dad that instead of our possible trip to Reno this spring, can we please go see Uncle Scott (The only dentist I've ever seen outside of when I had the emergency extraction a few years ago, which is when I discovered that if it's not Uncle Scott, I'm terrified of dentists) instead. And then I woke up.

I think, all in all, what it means is that I really, really wish I had a job and that that job offered dental insurance.

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